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Welcome to the official website of the The Pennsylvania Academy of Audiology, the "Voice of Audiology" in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Academy is a professional organization of university-trained audiologists practicing in a variety of settings within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. PAA audiologists are dedicated to serving all people with hearing problems. The Academy promotes the profession of audiology as an autonomous profession to serve the hearing health-care needs of all people.  The Academy fosters the ability of our members to achieve their career and professional objectives, provides quality continuing educational experiences, promotes public and consumer awareness of hearing problems and solutions to improve hearing, and advocates the profession of audiology to regulatory agencies and legislatures in the Pennsylvania General Assembly. 

What is an Audiologist?

Audiologists are the only professionals who are university trained and licensed to identify, evaluate, diagnose, and treat audiologic disorders of hearing. PAA members are licensed to practice audiology within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. You can count on us for all of the solutions to your hearing problems.     Read More

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Implementing OAE Hearing Screening and Follow-­up with Young Children

Learn to implement evidence-based OAE hearing screenings and follow-up practices.  This practical, hands-on skill-development class, delivered during four web-based sessions, is intended for individuals serving in programs that are committed to provided OAE hearing screenings to young children.

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The Pennsylvania Academy of Audiology is the state's only professional organization governed exclusively by audiologists and solely dedicated to the advancement of the profession of audiology.

Members receive access to exclusive content via the Academy's website. Exclusive content (sign in required) includes such things as job postings, educational opportunities, educational placements for fourth year students, and a forum for open dialogues between audiologists. Members also receive a discount to the yearly convention where you can earn AAA CEUs. The Pennsylvania Academy of Audiology works closely with state legislates, regulators, and boards to secure the future of audiology.

-Joseph Motzko, Au.D., VP of Membership

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