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The Pennsylvania Academy of Audiology believes advanced pediatric care should be standard for all those providing services to children.  Please review our recommended guidelines and hopes for the future of pediatrics.  We hope these will educate and provide guidance to those offering and wanting to offer pediatric audiology services. 

Our long-term goal is to encourage those who can follow the guidelines to start offering pediatric services.  There is a backlog of pediatric patients in our state who need care.  We hope to support your confidence and knowledge in pediatrics, allowing more children to receive the services they so desperately need, and therefore, reduce the backlog of waiting children and families.

If you are a pediatric provider interested in assisting the education of Pennsylvania audiologists on the need for increased services across the state, please contact Jill McClelland-Knecht, Au.D or Beth Czarnecki, Au.D.  The more skillful audiologists who are providing services, the bigger our voice to work with insurances to provide reasonable reimbursement.

Thank you!

Jill McClelland-Knecht, Au.D, Beth Czarnecki, Au.D., and the 2019-2020 PAA Board of Directors

Recommended Pediatric Guidelines

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