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Welcome to the official website of the The Pennsylvania Academy of Audiology, the "Voice of Audiology" in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Academy is a professional organization of university-trained audiologists practicing in a variety of settings within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. PAA audiologists are dedicated to serving all people with hearing problems. The Academy promotes the profession of audiology as an autonomous profession to serve the hearing health-care needs of all people.  The Academy fosters the ability of our members to achieve their career and professional objectives, provides quality continuing educational experiences, promotes public and consumer awareness of hearing problems and solutions to improve hearing, and advocates the profession of audiology to regulatory agencies and legislatures in the Pennsylvania General Assembly. 

What is an Audiologist?

Audiologists are the only professionals who are university trained and licensed to identify, evaluate, diagnose, and treat audiologic disorders of hearing. PAA members are licensed to practice audiology within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. You can count on us for all of the solutions to your hearing problems.     Read More

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Thank you to David Jedlicka Au.D., for supporting the 20.18 PAC fund campaign.  Read his testimonial here and do your part to support PAA's PAC!

"I felt compelled to donate to the 20.18 fundraising effort because I love the idea of reaching out with a well designed campaign designed to get new people involved into our organization.  I have been fortunate to be a part of several successful fundraising campaigns in the past and the one consistent item I have found from those efforts is providing an easy entry point can help build a strong base for a group such as PAA for today and in the future.  The 20.18 campaign is one that is affordable for students, new professionals, and established audiologists.  I felt that by donating and sharing the campaign information with others in the audiology community was a small, but very important gesture that would hopefully benefit PAA.

This was my first time donating to the PAA.  I have been involved with donations to the American Academy of Audiology's PAC in the past.  Both organizations provide wonderful benefits to their members, however on a state and local level, organizations like PAA can really play a positive role for audiologists.  In addition to this monetary donation, I plan on donating items to the PAA convention's silent auction in 2018.  There are many ways that we can get involved whether it is with a small monetary donation, an item for the auction, or even more importantly, our time.  Ultimately, I don't believe that we should be looking at things like the 20.18 initiative as a donation, but rather as an investment into our profession as the time and money that we put into PAA will lead to great payoffs for all Pennsylvania audiologists in the future."

David Jedlicka Au.D.

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